Welcome to iRushHelp.org where concerned individuals can “Rush to Help” survivors of devastating tragedies. This organization was established by HEC with our Affiliates, understanding that working hand-in-hand we can make a real difference together, especially during such critical times.

Kumamoto Japan 2016

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On 14 April 2016, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake rocked Kumamoto region in Japan, followed two days later by a second, more powerful 7.3-magnitude quake. In the aftermath, hospitals were flooded with thousands of injured survivors as reports of fatalities rose into the dozens. The disruption of utility services has cut off electricity, gas, and tap water to hundreds of thousands of households, while countless families have lost their homes and properties to partial or complete collapse.

To make matters worse, severely damaged roads, mudslides and falling debris have rendered local access to food and water scarce. Bereft residents are mourning incalculable human and financial losses as schools and businesses have been forced to shut down amid the devastation.

iRush Help provides concerned global citizens a means to actively raise awareness and financial support for survivors of catastrophic events such as this. Donations are currently being accepted to assist in 2016 Kumamoto earthquake relief efforts.

In a break from the usual iRush Help protocol, HEC has advanced 6,000,000 JPY in immediate emergency financial assistance due to the rapid escalation of this disaster. This is to avoid the unnecessary delay of emergency support during the progression of this fundraising campaign. Funds are being allocated directly to the areas of most urgent need via the Japan Red Cross, a nonprofit organization that supports disaster relief nationally and globally.

Affiliates worldwide are encouraged to contribute during this iRush Help campaign, continuing through May. Affiliate contributions reaching an aggregate 6 million JPY or more by 31 May 2016 (USA) will be fully matched by HEC, with no upper limit.

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  • The first 1,000 affiliates to participate with a minimum donation of 43 SGD will receive a free iRush Help t-shirt. More than a gift of appreciation, the t-shirt is also a tangible way to help spread awareness of iRush Help’s mission and its charitable efforts. The campaign ends 31 May 2016 (USA).
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